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Hi! My name is Nicolás Pierri and I love magic!!!

I love to think, write, reshape old ideas, create new methods…that makes me happy.Some time ago, I started to see magic as a means more than an end, a way to express myself, but after doing a lot of research about all the different components that help us create magic; the gaze, silence, gestures, what we say, and how we say it, new questions popped up in my mind… WHY say it? Why do I do magic? What for? For whom? Well, the answers are very personal with each individual but basically my objective as an “artist” (and as a person as well) is to help the spectators and in the process, I help myself. In order to do this, I use a great tool that we share and that I have at my disposal: magic, illusion…they are invaluable tools because they allow us to reach people regardless of their age, gender or social status. If we respect our age-old art of magic, they will want to watch and listen, as if they were spellbound. And so, since we have such a powerful tool…why not use it to do something more than just to make people laugh, create an illusion that stirs up all the different emotions that humans can experience? Make magic that conjures up joy, love, fear, longing, and excitement in their hearts. Isn’t that our job as “artists”? Well, I don’t know. Perhaps I will never know, but at least I know what my search will be like.

What have I done?

I’m a Latin American FISM prize winner (2013) and in just the last two years I have been busy doing all of this:

– I have participated in galas and lectures in different national and international magic conventions

– I was on tour for two months giving shows and lectures around Latin America: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, and Peru

-I was on tour for three months around Spain giving lectures and presenting my one-man show


– I been lecturing in Miami (IBM Ring) and Los Angeles (The Magicians Forum)


– My first gala presentation at FFFF

– My first participation at the Escorial Gathering (“Jornadas del Escorial”) organized by Juan Tamariz

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By Gianluigi Sordellini

Presidente dell'Università Magica Internazionale "Damaso Fernandez", con sede in Esperia (FR), Piazza Italia nr.1.

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